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ARRT! – The Artists Rapid Response Team -- Creates banners and props to promote the work of progressive non-profits across the state. All members of UMVA are invited to join -- artists from throughout the state meet monthly in Brunswick for a marathon ARRT! workday, creating through collaboration.

Some of the groups we have worked with include: Preble Street, MaineAllCare, Alliance for the Common Good, Maine 350, Maine People's Alliance, Natural Resources Council of Maine, Stop the Corridor/Friends of the Piscataquis Valley, Thanks but No Tanks, Move to Amend, Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, Global Network, States United Against Gun Violence, Maine Citizens Against Hand Gun Violence, March against Monsanto, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Southern Maine Workers' Center, Maine State Nurses’ Association, Maine Fair Trade Campaign, Defending Water for Life, and Community Water Justice.

The Broad Reach Fund of the Maine Community Foundation helps support the work of ARRT!

ARRT! members include Nora Tryon, Anita Clearfield, Suzanna Lasker, Robin Brooks, Kenny Cole, Richard Brown Lethem, Chris Higgins, Natasha Mayers, Corliss Chastain, Doreen Conboy, Ed McCartan, Brita Holmquist, Karen Wainberg, Heidi Brugger, Dianne Sinclair. Contact Natasha Mayers for more info. To read more about ARRT! see articles in each of our newsletters.

Visit the ARRT! website to learn how ARRT! can help your non-profit organization, or if you’re an artist, find out how to join us or start your own ARRT! group.

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This is ARRT! from Geoffrey Leighton on Vimeo.