In the spirit of Rob Shetterly’s statement, we invite artists to respond to this theme for the Spring MAJ:

Light in the Dark: Art As a Sane Voice in an Insane World

We encourage artists to use this opportunity to make and submit potent visual statements to address these strange times, whether it be through shining the light of truth into dark corners without or within; creating poetic visions of enlightenment or visual challenges to incite action or resistance.

Many of us have been shocked by this election, saddened, numbed, confused. everything we value will be under siege. What a wake-up call! So, how do we confront the darkness ahead? This JOURNAL has an important role to play. This is an arts journal, but it is also a community, a place to find and build community.

It is a place to share our responses to the world. We can give voice to what we and others are feeling, help to envision the future, start conversations, respond to the damaged soul of the world, heal ourselves, and in doing so, offer an example to others. We can turn to it for inspiration and light.

It is a personal decision as to how we respond. Each of us comes to these issues in a way that suits our individual personality and art practice. And, yet, it is imperative to remind ourselves of the South African notion of "Ubuntu" -- I am myself because of who we all are. We exist and find identity only in relation, in sharing, in interconnectedness. We need to remember now that our work as artists affects the web of humanity. That is our strength and our responsibility.

The editorial board of The Maine Arts Journal: The UMVA Quarterly invites members to submit your images and ideas for our upcoming Spring Issue: Light in the Dark: Art As a Sane Voice in an Insane World.

You may submit up to 4 works. Word limit is 150 words. Please submit images as jpgs: high-resolution images, 150-300 dpi; the format should be at least 1000 pixels on the shortest side. Please label work with last name and title, and supply us with an image list which includes artist, title, year, medium, dimensions, and if required, the photo credit. Put "Light in the Dark" in the subject line and submit to by March 1st deadline. MAJ will limit the "Members Submit" section to UMVA members who have not been published in the past year.

Regarding images in the MAJ:

It is the MAJ's policy to request and then publish image credits. We will not publish images the submitter does not have the right to publish. However, we leave the question of photo credit to the discretion of the submitter when there is no required photo credit (photo by self, image ownership freely given, copyright with contract, copyright expired, work for hire, etc). This is particular to our article genre we have dubbed "visual essays" which are generally designed and submitted as complete PDFs by the author. In light of our policy and requests, it is to be assumed that any uncredited or unlabeled images are the author's/submitter's own images. By submitting to the MAJ, you are acknowledging respect for these policies.

Thank you,
MAJ Editorial Board