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The Union of Maine Visual Artists (UMVA) represents visual artists statewide in all fields of endeavor and welcomes those who support contemporary artists in Maine. The UMVA is dedicated to upholding the dignity of artists, while creating positive social change through the arts. By collaborating with other cultural and political organizations, we raise awareness for significant issues while promoting an inclusive arts community in Maine. We are grassroots and we are active. We fear no art.

The UMVA publishes a quarterly JOURNAL, featuring Maine artists playful, passionate, thoughtful, and irreverent artwork, critiques, interviews, and articles. We also publish a monthly NEWS/BLOG, containing Artist Opportunities, current Exhibitions, Classes around the state, and UMVA member NEWS. We invite you to check out the individual ARTISTS work of our members and hope youll consider JOINing us, whether youre an artist or a supporter of the arts in Maine.

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